I didn’t think I’d have to put this up, but various forms of feedback indicates that I guess it would be a good idea.

So, the list. It is short.

1. Read the entire post before rushing to judgment. The opening paragraph(s) might make you think you already know what I’m going to say for the rest of the post. Odds are, though, unless you’re a regular, I’m going to throw a curveball and the post will probably not say what you think it was going to say.

2. I use this a forum to think by writing. I like the blog format because I’m convinced that there’s a lot of people wrestling with similar issues that I represent here. I mean pretty much what I say here, although there is a lot of wordplay, parody, metaphor, and other fun stuff. If you don’t have anything to wrestle with, or think you have all the answers already, or can’t appreciate the flexibility of language to discuss the things we talk about here, this blog may not be for you. If you are willing to go out on a limb, though, and “know with” other folks who want to engage and not simply judge and assert, then I’d like to think you’ve come to a good place.

3. Lighten up.

4. Don’t take it TOO seriously! Seriously.

5. Reading level:
blog readability test

6. One last thing:



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