cookiemonster_v200.jpgThanks to StDogbert for the tip on this! AWESOME. “This week, NPR’s In Character takes a look at a deeply sensuous character who speaks to our most basic appetites and desires.

That’s right: Cookie Monster. (Read the rest here.)

The best part of the writeup:

“People have said this when they’ve analyzed it: It’s really like Frank [Oz]’s id, with no control over it whatsoever.”

But id, in the Cookie Monster sense at least, isn’t a dark term.

“All of his monomania … would not stop him from caring about someone else,” says longtime Sesame Street writer Norman Stiles. “He’s not gonna knock anybody over to get the cookie. He’s gonna try to get around them to get the cookie. He’s gonna beg for the cookie.”

Now, of course, there’s a bazillion lessons we can learn from this. 🙂 Any suggestions?