Well, I’ve now been duly chastised by people online and in person for the lack of blogging over the last, oh, 5 months or so. So to kick off the new year, one of my resolutions is to try to blog at the rate I maintained for February-May last year, which was a couple of posts a week (and sometimes every day, but I make no resolutions to that effect). In particular, there seems to be a bit of a clamor for my thoughts on matters church related, especially after the (expected) lack of solicitors for this post a few weeks ago.

So. It’s New Years’ Eve, still another 3 hours before the ageless Dick Clark presses the “drop” button on the Times Square ball some couple hundred miles to the southwest of my present location. And to drop something of my own here, I stick with my advertisement. While I am not actively looking for a new church home, I’m sticking with my assessment, and if indeed some ekklesia does in fact send me an email, I’d love to talk more. And so all I want to know here, on this New Years Eve, is if there’s anyone out there with similar thoughts; pastors, laypeople, elders, deacons, bishops, whatever.

Anyone? Let’s get a dialog going. In the meantime, I’ll be diligent in blogging again, in between working on the dissertation.