Incarnation“The Kiss”

My first love
My best love
Tabernacled incarnation
Fiery torrent of jealousy
Wanting all of me eternally
Bleeding pierced heart
Dying for unquenchable love of me
Divine and unrequited lover
Waiting for me to hear your whispered love
Drawing me into the embrace of your friendship
Willing to teach me of your abundance
If only I would care to listen
Offering me no less than yourself
Your pulsing, enlivening Spirit
To indwell my being beyond measure
Why do I not care to drink deeply of you
My everything
Afraid to die of love
For you as you for me
Purge away my hardness
Amputate my fear
Boil away my coldness
Break the wall of false attachment
That pays homage to a hollow god
There is no other love like you
To cherish such as me
Ungrateful sluggard
Pretentious fool
Forgetful lover
Half a friend
And yet your love for me
Is all consuming, all-pursuing
A holocaust of self-forgetfulness
Waiting for a simple glance
Of heart to Heart
So in a moment
This perishing body
Becomes itself
A tent of meeting
A tender kiss
A nuptial promise
Of unending bliss
Losing self in love
For this was I created
You in me and I in you

Discovered in my files; original source unknown